New Visitor information

New Visits are arranged through this website only.        (No new visits available at this time)   I am not available to arrange new visits through phone calls or texts.   When contacting me I will discuss with you, only the meeting time, location, and directions. Please remember, donations are for my time and companionship only.    Half hour or quick visit appointments are not available to new visiors.    Have your picture ID, proof of employment, references and contact information of previous escort providers you have visited with available for me, this I check for safety reasons only. Please allow time for me to confirm this information before our get together.   The donation for our arrangement should be left in clear view for me to see. Never make me ask for it.   Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Do not over stay our date. If you would like to extend our time,  ask me if I have extra time available and expect to provide additional donation for the time you would like to spend.   For Special Request Services : Make request by email only.   If you would like to surprise me with a gift then please get inspiration from my wish list.   Only new visitors who have read this information and then booked me through this webpage will be contacted. Please provide me with an email and contact number with your booking information.